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A Puppy Experience - Free

We offer a one-off complimentary Introduction to Grooming package for puppies under 3 months to introduce them to everything in the grooming room.


This consists of an initial session, where you can be present if you wish, where the dog is given a brush and its nails are clipped, followed by a game of ball.


Then, a week later, your puppy’s First Wash and Blow Dry, which will introduce your new puppy to the benefits of grooming and take at least an hour. A gentle brush will be followed by a relaxing body wash using a puppy shampoo. The shampoo contains a delicately fragrance blend of calming Lavender & Rose essential oils with an infusion of Lemongrass & Orange together with gentle cleansing agents will repel insects and fleas, while helping to keep the natural oil balance of puppy’s skin and coat. Next your puppy will be dried by a warm blow dry which will encourage your puppy to relax in the grooming environment ready for future appointments. We finish with a game of ball.


Full body Groom - 2hrs

After a full consultation, we will determine your dog’s needs and requirements.

The full body groom treatment offers everything your dog needs to look good.  This includes dead-hair removal, a nail trim, between the pads and paw trim, ear cleanse, two shampoos, a warm blow dry, coat styling of your choice to suit your dog’s lifestyle, and a luxury finishing perfume that complements the shampoo used. Hand stripping or de-matting of your dog’s coat may be added to this groom.


Wash and Dry - 1 hr plus        

For dogs that are always busy working, or enjoy perfuming themselves on the countryside walks. This will do the trick. It is purely a Wash and Dry groom. This includes dead-hair removal, two shampoos, a warm blow dry, and a luxury finishing perfume that complements the shampoo used. De-matting of your dog’s coat may be added to this groom.


Quick Groom – 30 minutes plus          

Have a regular mini groom will remove dead hair, help to prevent matting and keep your dog’s coat in top condition in between each Full Body Groom. This is particularly effective for double-coated, long-haired and breeds that benefit from regular coat maintenance.


Flea Shampoo

Should your dog require a Flee Shampoo there will be an additional charge of £5.00.


Other Services

Ear cleaning:    

Ear plucking and cleaning:  



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